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1hai mam what about the rains of tuni area AMFU_Anakapalle - Kumari MBGS
2from where can I get the sowing and harvesting dates of various crops , particular for Gujarat ?AMFU_Dantiwada - Sevak Das, N.O.
3At present weather condition should we grow dhaincha now?AMFU_Ranital - Dr.Shyamsundar Mahapatra, N.O.
4At present weather condition, can we apply pretilachlor in rice? What is the dose and time of application?AMFU_Ranital - Dr.Shyamsundar Mahapatra, N.O.
5Is there is any chance of yellow vein mosaic disease now in pulsesAMFU_Ranital - Dr.Shyamsundar Mahapatra, N.O.
6आलू को पाला ना मारे इसके लिए कौन सा उपाय करना चाहिए ? गेहूँ की फसल की सिंचाई कितने दिनों के अंतराल पर करना चाहिए । AMFU_Varanasi - Prof R. S. Singh
7Late varities of wheatAMFU_Delhi - Dr. (Mrs.) Ananta Vashisth
8Suitable time of sowing of mustard in balasore and Bhadrak dist.AMFU_Ranital - Dr.Shyamsundar Mahapatra, N.O.
9Name Wheat Varieties For Irrigated Area In Delhi AMFU_Delhi - Dr. (Mrs.) Ananta Vashisth
10What is the best temperature for wheat sowingAMFU_Kaul - Dr Shyam Sunder
11Do you have current data on evaporation indices applicable to Upper Khajuri dam in Mirzapur district. We need this data for calculating the reservoir yields.AMFU_Varanasi - Prof R. S. Singh
12मिर्चा में गुर्चाहावा रोग की रोकथाम बताये AMFU_Varanasi - Prof R. S. Singh
13Test question--How to reduce cultivation cost?AMFU_Arnej - Shri H. B. Patel
14Test Question--How to find out water requiremnt of different crops and reduce irrigation water requirement?AMFU_Anand - Mehul Vasani, T.O./Research Associate
15Test Question--If wind speed is higher(grater than 20km/hr), what precation should be taken for banana and sugarcane crop?AMFU_Navsari - Dr.Smita Gupta, N.O. & T.O
16How much area under the district Adhuturai paddy has been sown till dateAMFU_Aduthurai - Dr. K. Subrahmaniyan,
17Which crop I should sowAMFU_Kalyani - Dr. Saon Banerjee
18Which crop I should sow nowadaysAMFU_Kalyani - Dr. Saon Banerjee
19Whether I can sow soyabean with realised rainfall? Question for testAMFU_Indore - Dr. S. K.Sharma
20DO you feel Dry spell will be more this year as monsoon started earlier ?AMFU_Mulde - Dr. P.C. Haldavanekar
21Sir, I am form GSI, Bangalore. I would like to know the anuual average rainfall of Sreenivaspur, in Kolar District of Karnataka. AMFU_Bengaluru - Dr. H.S. Shivramo
22Respected Madam, How can I get past 5 years weather data of West Godavari districtAMFU_Anakapalle - Kumari MBGS
23What are the control measures of store grain pests?AMFU_Varanasi - Prof R. S. Singh
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