Sowing Dates

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Optimum dates for sowing have been determined for the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh by using daily rainfall data from 1901 onwards. Such information helps in deciding the best period for sowing operations, water conservation measures and evolution of appropriate cropping patterns.

Correct determination of sowing dates is one of the most crucial decisions in any agricultural operation. India Meteorological Department has therefore started providing on a scientific basis the detailed information on this particular aspect of climate for different states in the form of publications. The present publication in this series covers the state of Gujarat

Based on daily rainfall distribution for 80 years (1901-80), dates ideal for commencing sowing operations in Gujarat are computed. 137 stations, representing nearly all climatic, soil and cropping zones in the state are selected. With the help of suitable rainfall criteria, the sowing dates are identified and their statistical properties are brought out. Furthermore, the areas liable to drought risk of various categories are demarcated by superimposing some of the results thus obtained on the soil map.

This publication brings out some information on agroclimatic aspects vital to, for example,
(i) agricultural planning on rational and scientific basis,
(ii) identifying the regions highly vulnerable to drought,
(iii) formulating anti-drought measures and strategies
and (iv) evolving a system of supplemented irrigation to dry crops.
It is hoped that the practising agriculturists, planners and agricultural scientists will find the information useful.