Weekly Potential Evapotranspiration over India

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Here mean weekly PET value of 62 stations in the country were presented. PET is calculated by Penman method. This information is useful for different fields such as water resource management, rainfall- runoff modeling and estimation of crop water requirement, economic irrigation scheduling etc.

Potential evapotranspiration (PET) in the amount of water that evaporates from the soil and transpires from a grass field supplied with unlimited water.Potential evapotranspiration of a place in short time scale is very much useful for agricultural management. Direct measurement is very difficult, but its estimation using semi-empirical equation that takes account of the impact of various parameters responsible for loss of water can solve many practical oriented problems, especially water requirement of field crops. Hence modified Penmann method has been used to compute weekly PET in this study. Mean daily PET values for 52 weeks are computed using weekly meteorological normals for 62 stations.

The variation of annual and seasonal PET values are given in different figures.